Frequently asked questions

Why should we work with Tenten Ventures?

Early-stage startups see a lot of friction — we’re here to reduce that. We support your goals of innovation and disruption while grounding you research-backed expertise.

When can I apply to work with Tenten ventures?

We are always looking for promising early-stage companies. While we do run a formal application process in February and in July during which we actively solicit applications for our next cohort of companies, feel free to reach out at any time.

How many companies get accepted into the studio?

We typically invest in three to four early-stage startups each year. We take on two cohorts with two companies each to encourage peer exchange opportunities.

What makes a startup ideal for Tenten Studio?

We’re looking for companies or early-stage startups in the FinTech, E-Commerce, and SaaS industry launching transformative products.During the incubation, we prioritize teams that demonstrate a high degree of execution speed, initial product growth and user engagement. Our program is well suited for highly technical teams that want to learn more about product design and marketing.

How long will the partnership last?

There is not definite end to our partnership, unless we make a decision to exit the venture during the later stages. Another scenario would be if the startup is acquired, then we’d also make a decision whether or not to exit.

Do you invest in startups outside Asia?

At moment we are only focusing on startups that are based in Asia, as it is closer to our HQ and would benefit from our local network.

What kind of materials should our startup send to Tenten when applying?

Fill out the contact form on our main agency website. Include any materials or links to websites/apps/prototypes that you want us to review. Further down the line we will ask for more detailed materials.

How much equity do you take?

Typically for Seed stage startups, we take 7% to 20% equity. Startups past the Seed stage, we agree upon 2% to 5% equity or a sales commission.

Will Tenten Ventures take board seats?

Yes, we do in some cases. However, after working with your startup for two to three years we will give up our seat to new investor in later rounds.

What is the difference between a VC, Incubator and Venture studio?

In simple terms:

Incubators/accelerators: They attract and support startups, invest little effort and resources for little or no equity, have low influence over the startups, can’t do much after startups fail, and are tough to make financially viable (except the top accelerators).

Venture Studios: A Venture Studio is a hybrid of a creative studio and a venture capital firm, where creative capital (a.k.a expertise) is distributed to early stage technology companies rather than venture capital (money).

VC’s: Venture capitalists are usually investors in later-stage startups, almost always with pure financial motivation.

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