Our philosophy

We recognized an opportunity to help


grow better. We took our company building experience and

entrepreneurial drive and created Tenten venture studio. We built Tenten based on a simple principle: founders should be able to go after their dreams without risking them.

Since then, we’ve made it our mission to help growth-stage businesses thrive and win by striking the


between bold risks and measured actions.

Surely, we’re not for everyone. We keep our focus narrow, our team tight and our selectivity high. We


all founders. However, the ones who work with us have an unrelenting commitment to the success of their business. It’s a level of commitment that we aspire to share with them – through the

tough times

as well as the triumphs.

Startups are not born from capital or from software. They are born from founders with great ideas and


drive. At Tenten.ventures we dedicate ourselves to work with founders to help them to turn their ideas and drive into a living breathing


as fast as possible.

We recognise the potential for creative and product expertise to drive exponential business


. Thus, creative expertise of the requisite grade, becomes an asset worthy of barter for equity or for other forms of value.

We'd like to provide startups with the hard-to-get industry expertise to help them take their ideas to their 1.0 or 2.0. In other words we want to work with you to create the processes and the systems you need to



Partners, not clients

We have


, not clients. We like to work not on a client-service provider basis, but on an extention of your team basis. Working as closely with founders as possible we try to deliver their vision as closely as they had imagined it, if not,



Hacking things together

When creating something totally


, there’s rarely a case where there is a perfect solution. Made up of designers, developers and marketers, our teams are experts when it comes to mixing expertise and


our way through tough user and business problems.

Spirit of the founder

We fully understand and embrace the

startup spirit

. Because we ourselves operate like a startup, agile and always ready to adapt and build again.

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